The word peshtemal corresponds to turkish towelshammam towels and fouta towels.

Lets take a look at what makes Turkish peshtemal towel so special;

* They are thinner than your average terry towel.

* They dry quickly, making them more environmentally friendly.

* They take up less place making them ideal for traveling.

* They allow you to leave the sand at the beach as they don’t. 

* They totally cover you up as their sizes are big enough and can be used as sarongs.

* They can be used as scarves or shawls with their rich colours and texture options. 

* They get softer after some washes opposed to the terry towels.

* They are made by local artisans in their homes, handed down from generation to generation.

* They employee more people who tie the tassels in their houses.

Lastly, remember that the only way Terry towels beat a peshtemal is by their weight.