The story of peshtemal started in Antique age in Denizli. Denizli is located in Lycos Valley. Hierapolis, Leodicia and Colossai in Lycos Valley enjoyed their golden age in 2nd and 3rd centruies A.D. Hierapolis can be considered as an industrialized city of antique age with its manufacturing and dying of textiles and weaving of fabrics, hammam towels, turkish towels. They even exported them to Italy.

It continued to be well known for textile manufacturing especially in ottoman era as it once did during the antique age. The fame of peshtemal towels spread everywhere. Even the Ottoman palace preferred Buldan fabrics.

Today, there are still many weavers in some settlements in Denizli. In these settlements, textile means life and a never changing daily way of living. The rhythmic sounds of the looms which start early in the morning,a touching folk song, a sad ballad, mix up as if the whole thing forms up a symphonic orchestra. A baby begins to hear these sounds while in the womb of his or her mother and it later becomes a philosophy of life and continues for the rest of his or her life.